Illustrations for a children's book

Book's title 'Canção do anoitecer'

Written by Luiz Kobuti Ferreira
Illustrated by Velina Parapanova

This is my first illustrated book published in Brazil.

''We dedicate this book to all children.
In fact, we are all children.
Especially when we dream.''

The book "Song of the Night" combines verses written by Luiz Kobuti Ferreira and illustrations created by Velina Parapanova. The work focuses on the moment the day ends and the night begins and how the sunset brings contemplation, recollection and rest.
The verses carry the reader through different feelings. Gratitude for the day that passes and inspiration by beauty of the evening and nightfall. Throughout the book the focus is on peace, harmony and rest associated with bedtime.
The illustrations seek to reflect these feelings. The shapes and colors create a dreamlike and playful environment where there is freedom and space for contemplation and imagination.
When creating the artwork I was inspired by my life and feelings as a mother of a small lovely baby. I wanted to explore the feelings that arise at the transition between day and night, being awake and falling asleep, playing and dreaming.


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